Delphi murders local rumors

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Delphi is a small town in the state of Indiana, about twenty miles northeast of Lafayette. Located along the Wabach River, Delphi is roughly halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago, to give you a general idea of where it's located. While Delphi has an incredibly small population - less than 3, people call Delphi "home" - roughly a quarter-million people live in the region defined as the Lafayette Metropolitan Statistical Area. So while Delphi itself has the reputation for being a small town - you know, the kind where "everybody knows everybody," that whole thing - it is really just part of a larger grid, connected to dozens of other cities and towns.

Up until recently, Delphi, Indiana was just a blip on the map: a stopgap town that people would occasionally dip into because of its proximity to other cities - or, on the rare occasion, its scenic parks would attract some day-trippers from out of the region primarily hikers and outdoorsmen.

Sincethough, Delphi has become synonymous with a violent incident that unfolded within it: a double-murder that ensnared two of the most vulnerable among us This was the type of crime that had never been seen before in this region, and - despite police releasing several details of this supposed killer to the public - he has managed to escape identification and prosecution in the years since.

She would have five sisters - Kelsi, Glenna, Alexis, and Hayden - and would become incredibly close with her grandparents, Mike and Betty Patty, who were her primary guardians. As a child, Liberty loved baking, painting, and other crafts, and was described as an incredibly bright young girl that earned good grades and was constantly battling to be the best student in each of her classes.

She also had a love of the outdoors and athletics, and was active in volleyball, softball, soccer, and swimming.

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Liberty was attending Delphi Community Middle School, and was in the 8th grade. She had just recently celebrated her 14th birthday ahead of her best friend, Abby - whom she had become close with after playing on the same 7th grade volleyball team. In the roughly year-and-a-half since, the two had become inseparable. Another friend of Liberty's named Arika Gibson - who always knew Liberty by her nickname, "Libby" - recalled her as being a "band geek" who was very outgoing and incredibly smart.

She says that Libby was "huge on science" and had been inspired to become a science teacher while attending Delphi Community Middle School. She had even started taking classes over in Lafayette; most specifically, at Purdue University. According to her friend Arika, Libby was also a supportive and loving friend, who was always there to provide words of wisdom or a shoulder to cry on for anyone that needed either.

Whoever her father was, he didn't play an active role in her life, and Abigail - nicknamed "Abby," for short - had no other siblings. However, in addition to having a strong bond with her mother, she was close with her grandparents, Eric and Diane Erskin - whom she nicknamed Pah-Paw and Mee-Maw, respectively - as well as her aunts, uncles, cousins, and other grandfather, Cliff. Abby loved being outdoors: in particular, she loved riding ATV's while on camping trips with her family in Michigan.

She also loved other activities that engaged her creatively; in addition to reading, she loved photography, art, and drawing.

Delphi Murders: Investigators say internet rumors can hinder search for Libby & Abby’s killer

Abby was known as a person that was hard to crack But once she did, she had a reputation for being fiercely loyal and loving Hagen Jacobs, a family friend, recalled:. She was seriously so fearless and loving like, she loved. Like she had to warm up to you at first but she was so kind. In addition to playing saxophone in the school band, Abby also played on the volleyball team.

As she approached her 14th birthday, Abigail was looking forward to high school and all of the adventures that came with it - which she was planning to face alongside her best friend, Liberty. February 13th, was the day before Valentine's Day. It was a Monday, and also a planned snow day: a day in the middle of winter set aside for the school schedule, just in case.

If you're unfamiliar, a planned snow day is just a day set aside at the beginning of the school year to help keep the schedule from overflowing into the summer. Since there had been no major closures up to that point, it just became a day off for the students and faculty.

delphi murders local rumors

In the year leading up to this point, Abby and Libby had become incredibly close; as had their families. The two girls had spent the night together prior to this day off, and - earlier in the day - made the impromptu decision to go hiking in an area that Libby was familiar with.

It was unusually warm for a winter day, so they wanted to make the best of it and spend a few hours outdoors. At around that afternoon, Abby and Libby were dropped off at a trail-head by Kelsi Libby's older sister.DELPHI — Recent articles and arrests have sparked a number of rumors as we get close to the two year mark for the murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German in Delphi, but investigators say spreading misinformation can actually have a negative effect on the investigation.

Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby says he wants to stress to the public that there has not been any new evidence in the case. He says there is no "new" evidence, but their investigators will continue to look for new ways to review the evidence that they already have.

Another rumor floating around is that Investigators believe a man recently arrested in Randolph County for sexual crimes against children could be the Delphi killer. From there, several other news organizations locally and across the country began sharing it as well.

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Because that man has not been named a suspect or a person of interest, RTV6 will not name him in connection with this case. Last year there was a person of interest in the investigation, but that man has since been cleared by investigators. Investigators working on the Delphi case say they are aware of the man's arrest and they will look into it, just as they do any other tip they receive about the murders but at this time they do not have any reason to believe he is connected to the case.

Indiana State Police's statement also urges people to send in tips rather than comparing photos online. What we really appreciate is when the public submits their tip information. Louis attack are 'premature' Tennesee Sheriff says Delphi suspect 'not' seen in state Delphi 'person of interest' faces new unrelated charges in Indiana.

This is not the first time Indiana State Police have had to quash rumors floating around on the internet or images comparing possibly innocent people to the sketch of the Delphi killer. John Perrine said in an interview with RTV6 last year.

Indiana State Police released a photo of a suspect, which was taken by Liberty on her cell phone the day that she died. Tips can also be emailed to AbbyandLibbyTip cacoshrf. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop?

Yes please Not now. News Delphi. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Louis attack are 'premature' Tennesee Sheriff says Delphi suspect 'not' seen in state Delphi 'person of interest' faces new unrelated charges in Indiana Internet Detectives This is not the first time Indiana State Police have had to quash rumors floating around on the internet or images comparing possibly innocent people to the sketch of the Delphi killer. How You Can Help Indiana State Police released a photo of a suspect, which was taken by Liberty on her cell phone the day that she died.

Sketch, photo and audio of man wanted in connection to murders of two teen girls in Delphi. Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.Important facts released by family. This will dispel some rumors.

This was posted within a Facebook group and the poster stated that it was fine to share with other groups. Is this BG? A woman in W Lafayette took this photo of her children and only later saw the man on the bench. This man does appear to be dressed similarly. BG is said to have worn a baseball style cap that had flaps. Crime Scene. If there is something circled…I did not circle it.

These are photos I have screenshot that others have posted. These were enhanced by an LE friend. They were not manipulated outside of applying a detail filter. These are photos the female hiker took at about the same time the girls were murdered. I find it oddly coincidental that there is a national weather center water gauge right at the crime scene! Are these the same items?? One is BG and the other is not.

They appear to have the same red, white and blue pattern. I think this is a knife handle or sheath. According to the witness BG had on a baseball type cap with flaps. These are some possibilities. Unusual hat selection that would stand out.

DNA phenotyping in the Michella Welch case. The suspect was thought to be a drifter who camped in the woods nearby. He murdered Michella in the afternoon at a crowded park. He had taken her down a ravine where he sexually assaulted her and cut her throat. This suspect resembles the Delphi sketch. When the girls are discovered around they switch to a private channel. As far as I am aware, no scanner feed relating to the girls is available after this point.

View all posts by truthtellersweb. Do you have a source for the transcript? Like Like. The audio of the transcript is posted within the comments.

Someone posted it again in the past few days. I need to find that link and post it to a page. The transcript is about There are a couple people who state that one word was transcribed incorrectly.I can merely shine a light on the crime that took her life: she was murdered at age 27 by a killer still unknown.

The body of Teresa M. Terry Kopec was found on Monday, April 23, So, Trula asked a coworker who lived in the Cumberland Hills Condominium where Terry lived to check on her. The door was ajar. The Cobb County police were called. According to Officer John Dawes, head of the Cobb County, Georgia, cold case unit, Terry had just returned to her condo in Smyrna, most likely from a bike ride. Her killer may have been lying in wait or followed her to her unit and gained entry that way. She struggled with her attacker, who beat, tortured, and raped her.

Photo Page – Delphi Homicides

He tied her wrists behind her back and knotted a rope, left around her neck, to a metal bar for leverage as he choked her. Her death certificate lists asphyxia caused by ligature strangulation as the cause of death. The authorities think the murder took place either on the Friday night or Saturday morning before the Monday when the body was found. This delay cost investigators precious time. The newspapers reported no sign of forced entry or ransacking, and nothing had been stolen.

The BOLO described a white male, approximately age 36, between 5 feet, 8 inches and 5 feet, 10 inches tall with an athletic build. Clean-shaven, he had short, neat curly dark brown hair and wore wire-rimmed sunglasses and an off-white buttoned-down shirt.

Two black sunglass lenses as eyes stared out from the BOLO caricature, with a closed mouth and hair mostly off of his forehead. The man may have driven a red or green sports car.

The Unsolved Delphi Murders: What Happened to Indiana Teens Libby German and Abby Williams?

This Maura Murray article is a guest article written by guest blogger, Dianne Braley. My husband was driving slowly behind the group while my little wire-haired terrier Buddy was perched on the console staring out at the open road. We started on route earlier and had passed the crash site which gave me an eerie feeling that started to unnerve me. The plan was now to head over to Lake Tarleton to search a spot that a past witness stated could be of importance in the case and he may meet us there.

I felt a pang in my chest looking down at my phone realizing that I had no service. Not knowing much about the case except through me, I had my husband binge watch the television documentary so he would be at least somewhat up to speed. We packed our bags and off we went.

My spontaneity which I was incredibly proud of a few hours ago, I was soon starting to regret. I realized suddenly that we could be in some real danger here.

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We are in the remote White Mountains of New Hampshire with complete stranger wannabe detectives like myself looking for evidence or remnants of a body with no connection to the outside world. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.Before I began researching and writing about this case, I knew virtually nothing about it, so I was pretty much starting from the beginning.

No one has been found guilty of the heinous slayings of the two girls and authorities have released relatively little information. The lack of solid facts on this case has created a breeding ground for rumors to be born and grow legs.

What is true is that rumors can be damaging and hinder an investigation. They can cause more pain and hurt to families trying to grieve for their loved ones. Since publishing this post, there have been updates on the investigation. You can read my post on the updates here. They have spoken at press conferences and they have not shied away from the media in order to keep the case out in the open. I am completely in awe of their strength and grace at this unimaginably painful time as they wait for justice for their girls.

You can find her Twitter here and her Instagram here. Abby and Libby were best friends, spending endless hours together both in and out of school. They were in the school band together, loved to explore the outdoors and take photos, and planned to start playing softball together at school. Libby was thoughtful, loving, generous and outgoing. She loved sports, especially swimming, being outside, painting and baking.

Her ambition was to be a science teacher or a crime scene investigator, and she even attended extra science classes outside of school at Purdue University. According to her mom, Anna, Abby was always smiling. She was caring, selfless, funny and loved being with friends and family. Abby was creative; she loved art and photography and making things to give people as gifts.

Abby played volleyball at school and enjoyed going on camping trips with her family. The Abby and Libby Celebration of Life has become annual event, the last one taking place on September 29, All proceeds from the event went to the Abby and Libby Memorial Park fund.

The park is still under construction and is still actively accepting donations to move the process along. To find out more, go here. It was a warm day for Indiana in February. Delphi, located in Carroll County, Indiana, is a very small city of just under people. The two girls decided that they would spend the afternoon enjoying the weather and walking around the Delphi Historic Trails.

At approximately 1.Almost three months since the investigation into the murders of two Delphi teenagers began, the motto remains the same.

Delphi: The Investigation

Investigators have received more than 16, tips and interviewed different people in connection with the murders. The numbers are daunting for someone on the outside looking in, but confidence inside the Delphi investigation team remains unfettered. He leads a team of hundreds, but even with so many people and resources at their disposal, going through the thousands of tips hasn't been easy.

Like many on his team, he's spent sleepless nights and hundreds of hours poring through evidence that might put them closer to finding the girls' killer.

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Holeman says they've chased dozens of leads - but so far they haven't received that one tip they need to solve the case. That's tough on anybody. Libby and Abby were taking advantage of a warm February day off from school when they went hiking on the Monon High Bridge.

Their bodies were found the next morning on a private piece of property less than a mile from where they were last seen alive. The first few days investigators spent hours collecting evidence and interviewing anyone who might have been able to give them a clue as to what happened that day. And despite those thousands of tips and leads, police are still trying to find the man in that photo. Flyers, billboards and even commercials seeking information about the girls' murders have popped up across the country, which generated even more potential case-changing information.

But because of the widespread attention from around Indiana to as far away as Russia, it's been a struggle for investigators to keep fake information about the murders from spreading. State police have had to debunk dozens of rumors, including multiple recurring ones that connect the man who owns the property where the girls' bodies were found, Ron Logan, to their murders, especially after Logan was arrested and pleaded guilty to unrelated charges after driving on a suspended license the same day the girls went missing.

Logan was questioned in connection to the murders, but he is not being labeled a suspect. Delphi is a small town of less than 3, people and Police Chief Steve Mullin said they've always felt they were safe, but Libby and Abby's murders have changed that. Chief Mullin said one of the hardest things he's had to deal with since the investigation began is the fear it has brought to his community. It's much different than it's ever been in our community than ever before. Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby says this kind of incident is unprecedented in this tight-knit Indiana community.

This has been something this county has never had before. Chief Mullin said the investigation has been hard on his officers and all of the investigators that have come to help.

Libby German's sister dispels rumors on Delphi homicides during livestream

Those involved have been focused and determined, leaving little time to take care of themselves. Sheriff Leazenby said, even three months in, they still have to make people take a day off to recuperate. The support from those following the case closely has helped. They spend as many sleepless nights as we do. Investigators still need your tips - no matter how small you think they are.

Though the "dust has settled" in Delphi and the group of people working on the investigation may be smaller, they are no less motivated. We'll find that piece of information that's going to lead us to the person or persons responsible for this," said Sgt.

This person is a monster. This could happen again. So if you're holding that information back for whatever reason, you need to think of that. This could happen to your niece, daughter, cousin, sister. And that's one of the main reasons why I lose a lot of sleep, because I don't want this to happen again and I think someone out there has the tip that's the final piece of the puzzle.

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delphi murders local rumors

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delphi murders local rumors

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